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ifs ProShare's Top 10 Tips

ifs ProShare strives to promote best practice throughout the Employee Share Ownership industry and you may find these tips useful in promoting your own or your clients share schemes.

  1. Brand your scheme
  2. Give your Share scheme an identity every employee will recognise, whether you choose serious or cartoon themes make the scheme instantly recognisable.

  3. Be crystal clear
  4. Ensure everything is in plain English - then every employee will understand. You may wish to consider getting the Plain English Campaign (PEC) Crystal Mark on your documentation.

  5. Operate a Helpline
  6. Employees love the friendly helpful voice at the end of the phone line

  7. Aim for on-line procedures
  8. On-line enrolment increases take-up, on-line exercise simplifies maturity

  9. Recruit Sharesave Heroes
  10. Find real employees for whom Sharesave has proved a benefit and use them in your communication material - they will help promote the scheme to the hard-core Sharesave detractors

  11. Employee Surveys
  12. Find out why your employees join your scheme and why they don't - then target the don'ts

  13. Visible Share Price
  14. Put your daily share price on the home page of your Intranet and e-mail rises in share price as widely as you can - generate interest in your share price

  15. Cascade to Line Management
  16. Your Managers will become "Ambassadors" for your scheme

  17. Aim for maximum tax benefits
  18. Ensure the 90-day ISA transfer period after maturity covers two tax years and consequently double the benefit

  19. Go out and meet your employees
  20. See them in their workplace and never underestimate their financial acumen

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