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It's good to share

ifs ProShare provides a voice for the Employee Share Ownership (ESO) industry. We are a not-for-profit organisation that acts as an essential point of liaison between ESO professionals, service providers and companies committed to and involved in employee share plans and other share ownership schemes. We provide a forum for members to come together and share knowledge, ideas and expertise.

Our aim is to support employee share ownership through liaison with members to provide information on share plans, encourage sharing of best practice, commission research and engage in dialogue with relevant industry bodies.

We represent the industry to the Government, the media, the European Union and other regulatory and statutory bodies.

Our membership is structured as follows:

Type of membership Cost
Sole / Single Membership
(sole practitioner or individual outside of Employee Share plans)
£100 + VAT
Small Company Membership
(SMEs and companies with less than 500 employees; small firms with three or fewer ESO practitioners)
£550 + VAT
Standard Membership (Company) £1,575 + VAT
Standard Membership (Service Provider/Adviser) £2,425 + VAT
Gold Membership £10,500 + VAT

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