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How we help

Whether you are a large or small company, ifs ProShare can assist you by providing information on different employee share plans which are avaliable. We can then put you in touch with the professional advisors and administrators who will assist you in the plan's design, implementation and ongoing administration.

Our fact sheets describe the various HMRC approved plans that are available, together with the most commonly used unapproved arrangements. But first you need to decide why you are considering setting up an employee share plan. Once you have settled on your objectives you can consider which type of plan is best suited to meeting those needs.

Members of ifs ProShare are offered the opportunity to talk to other companies who have faced similar experiences so that knowledge can be pooled and shared. Practical help is offered through our fact sheets, training courses and checklists which spell out the various steps that need to be taken in order to set up a plan and where responsibility for each of the activities described would normally lie.

In addition to working closely with companies and suppliers to promote best practice in employee share ownership, ifs ProShare also undertakes research in support of its lobbying efforts and to enhance the understanding of the benefits of share plans.

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